Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Newspaper class: New word of the year ... "Binge-watch"

(full article)

Group 401V: Be ready to discuss this article on October 5.
Group 401 (day) and 501V: Be ready by the week of October 10.

Your tasks:
  • Summarize the whole article in two or three sentences.
  • Identify and summarize the major subdivisions of the article. (The subdivisions can be one paragraph or a cluster of paragraphs devoted to one aspect of the article.)
  • Prepare to discuss: What is the main goal of the article? Is the article successful in meeting that goal?
  • Prepare to discuss: Does the whole idea of "words of the year" make sense to you? What do you think of the binge-watching phenomenon? In your experience, what English words seem to be newly popular and might be eligible for the 2016 list of words of the year?
  • Bring to class: words and phrases from the article that are unfamiliar or unclear to you.
Useful words and phrases:

mushrooming popularity
gain traction
come to prominence
sea change

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