Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tea and conversation

All Institute students are welcome to our tea and conversation meetings on Tuesdays starting at 2:35 p.m. (Room 2 -- or check bulletin board.)

Judy and I will bring snacks and something to drink. You can come when you are free and stay as long as you can. We'll start during the 4th period, but if you have a class during that period, you can come when your class is over.

This time is just for conversation -- no homework, no grades. Among the topics we've discussed in the past:

favorite songs and videos
films -- Russian, Soviet, American, British
how American and British students spend their free time
slang -- old and new
holidays and special occasions
jobs and how to get them
experts, and what to do when they disagree
favorite foods and meals
social networks -- how to use them, how to stay safe
celebrities and their lessons for us
city life vs country life

You are welcome to propose new topics.

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