Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Newspapers: Homework, "Emerging adults: the in-between age"

  (full article)

The full article is here.

Your tasks:
  • Summarize the whole article in two or three sentences.
  • Identify and summarize the major subdivisions of the article. (The subdivisions can be one paragraph or a cluster of paragraphs devoted to one aspect of the article.)
  • Prepare to discuss: What is the main goal of the article? Is the article successful in meeting that goal?
  • Prepare to discuss: What observations or assertions in the article seem to you to be universal? Which seem to apply specifically to the USA? What observations could you make about "the in-between age" in Russia?
  • Bring to class: words and phrases that are unfamiliar or unclear to you.
Some of the useful words and phrases:

to make the case (for)
what they wanted out of life
economic prospects, likely economic prospects
to be struck by
to share a perception
to pull clear (of)
to ponder
to settle that question
setting themselves up (for)
larger trends at work
median (statistics)
climbed past, edged above
GI Bill of Rights
to build a career
to face the risks
sheer multitude
to navigate the transition
community of scholars
special interest groups
to plug in
to languish
bouncing from X to X
dead-end job
to end up

Group 401V: We will talk about this article on September 28.
Group 401, Group 501V: We will discuss it on October 5.

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