Friday, April 26, 2013

Groups 201-205 homework: Words and phrases from Afanasyeva chapter 15 (reading texts)

Reading comprehension exercises from Chapter 15...

Use these words and phrases from this week's exercises: Write sentences using the words and phrases listed below with the same meaning that they had in the exercises you heard in class.

You can write a separate sentence using each word or phrase, or you can use several words or phrases in a sentence. The sentences can be disconnected or they can be part of a story. If you write a story, you don't need to use these words and phrases in the order they are presented; you can change the order to suit your story.

Feel free to change pronouns, persons, verb tenses...

And enjoy the May holidays, too!

to take up
needless to say, ...
to establish itself
to stay on
to supply
to sort (sort out, sort through)
the novelty wore off
bearer of bad news
studio flat
first-name terms (first-name basis)
to carry on

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