Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Groups 201-205 homework: Words and phrases from Afanasyeva chapter 15

Listening comprehension exercises from Chapter 15...

Use these words and phrases from this week's exercises: Write sentences using the words and phrases listed below with the same meaning that they had in the exercises you heard in class.

You can write a separate sentence using each word or phrase, or you can use several words or phrases in a sentence. The sentences can be disconnected or they can be part of a story. If you write a story, you don't need to use these words and phrases in the order they are presented; you can change the order to suit your story.

Feel free to change pronouns, persons, verb tenses...

to make matters worse
to talk things through
to settle in
I didn't mind
it's a shame
to apply
my cup of tea
for a living

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