Saturday, March 16, 2013

Theresa Andersson, "Accustomed to the Dark"

Texas Burning-Theresa Andersson-"Accustomed to the Dark" from TEXAS BURNING on Vimeo.

Audio (live, from the Texas Burning concert above):

Listen or download Accustomed to the Dark for free on Prostopleer purchase link.

Accustomed to the Dark
Theresa Andersson / Don Cook / John Barlow Jarvis

On a dusty farm-to-market road
Eighteen miles from Jericho
About a million more to go
Before I sleep again
Out on Highway 49
A moon fell from the Texas sky
What a lonely place to say goodbye
To no one but the wind

Silent light, lonely night
Haunted by your fading light
Scarlet moon, starless sky,
I guess I'll have to find my way by heart
So I can grow accustomed to the dark

A busted billboard sign ahead
Reminds me of something you said
And the tape is running through my head
It tears me up inside
Oh I wish I was a midnight train
Blazing across the Pontchartrain
Maybe then I'd lose this pain
That's killing me tonight


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