Thursday, March 7, 2013

301: "How will I know if I really like Drew Ellis?"


In our fourth reading from Good Grief, Sophie gets ready for her first date in Ashland....

I believe every woman with curly hair has a graveyard of products under her bathroom sink that she resorts to in emergencies such as this. Canisters of mousse, gel, and pomade—each promising to be the miracle cure. The pathetic part is, I moved my mousse collection from California to Oregon. Towed it up in the U-Haul. And now I’m on my hands and knees, burrowing through the bottles. I choose one: Frizz Eaze—the z’s on the can mirroring my own kinks. I rub the goo between my palms and pat my head. Now my hair has a shellacklike sheen. It’s frizzy, sticky, and crunchy all at once. I give up, tug it into a ponytail, and slide on my glasses for an overview. Great. The librarian look. Allow me to recommend this volume on the Dark Ages.
For your homework, here are the words and phrases to choose from:

status quo
make passes
resort to
burrow [used twice]
the … look
holing up
to manage to [incl. ironic]
to see [to attend a game]
distinctly recall
go for it
teeny, teeniest
work up
a notch
the thing is
grace period
go on a date
get on with

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