Tuesday, March 26, 2013

301: Head baker

Sophie gets a promotion:
      Chef pushes his door shut. His jeans and flannel shirt hang neatly from a hanger on a hook on the back of the door, and his toque sits at attention on the corner of his desk.
      “Have a seat,” he says, shuffling papers. My pink slip? News that you have to sit down for is never any good. I lean back in the Windsor chair, the spindles jabbing my spine.
      “George loves the savory cheesecake,” he continues. George is the persnickety owner of the restaurant who makes surprise reconnaissance visits. The first employee to spot George on the premises is supposed to yell, “Red light.” The first person to notice him leave is supposed to say, “Green light.” Then everyone goes back to sitting on the counters or swiping rolls out of the bread warmer.
      “And the hazelnut torte is delicious.” Chef closes his eyes and purses his thick lips as though tasting the torte. While he’s one of the last people I’d relish praise from, I’m flattered.
      “Thanks.” Get to the point!
      “I’m going to promote you to head baker.”
Here are some words and phrases from this week's text. Please use twelve of them in your own sentences....

jot down
business plan
nest egg
toque [see photo]
at attention
have a seat”
pink slip
Windsor chair
to spot
on the premises
purses his lips
to relish (verb)
get to the point!
promote, promotion
acceptance speech
prep work
potential, great potential
rub, neck rub
who knows …
open my own café

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