Wednesday, November 14, 2012

S201-205 Homework: advice about learning Russian

You have seen the following announcement in an international student magazine:

We are looking for essays that give advice to foreigners about learning your language. In your essay,
  • suggest some ideas that will help foreigners to learn your language better;
  • mention what you think the main difficulties will be.
Write an essay of 200-250 words (on a separate piece of paper or by e-mail) in response. Use the following plan:
  • write an introduction (state the topic, explain what you will do in the essay)
  • make your suggestions, illustrate them with examples and results
  • list the main difficulties and give reasons and examples
  • write a conclusion 
Some ideas and phrases for your essay:
  • talk with native speakers
  • rules and exceptions
  • alphabet and spelling
  • to conjugate verbs (verb conjugation)
  • to decline nouns and adjectives (declension of nouns, pronouns, adjectives); cases ("Russian has six cases.")
  • cognates and false cognates (false friends--English-Russian and Russian-English)
  • slang
  • articles ("Russian does not use articles")
  • word order
  • verbs of motion
  • perfective and imperfective aspects (совершенный вид, несовершенный вид)
Note: In your introduction you can talk about "learning the Russian language," but afterwards you can simply say "learning Russian."

Please give me this homework next week (Wednesday or Friday). Thank you!

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