Wednesday, November 21, 2012

S201-205 Homework: Letter to Frank

For students in classes 201-205:

You have received the following letter from your pen friend Frank, who writes:
I’m so excited! I just downloaded the latest album from Orphaned Land. I’m going to load it onto my MP3 player and listen to it every chance I get. Do you like listening to music? Do you have a favourite musician or group? Where do you and your friends usually get music—do you buy disks, download tracks from music sites, or do you get music some other way?

By the way, my friends and I are going to London for a concert on the weekend.
In 100-140 words (twenty minutes), reply to Frank’s letter. Answer his questions, and ask three questions about his weekend plans. Remember the rules of letter-writing.

This homework lesson is due on your class day, November 28 or 30.

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