Tuesday, April 2, 2013

S-201-205: Six-word stories

Most of you saw these ultra-short stories I took from Wired magazine's Web site during this past week. One-time offer!--you may write a six-word story (a real story, not just six random words!) instead of one homework assignment of your choice.

Please note: On Wired's site, you will see some stories I didn't include on my printed page.

Here are the stories written by my students back in 2009:
Institute group 302 came up collectively with this story:
Fingers--why twelve? Bring the knife.
Not to be outdone, group 201 in the School provided a whole set of stories. Here they are, with permission:
Oh, stop shooting. Bring the axe.

Jack, catch the axe. Got it?
--Masha Kazantseva

Night. Forest. Three men digging a
--Magda Malyukova

This delicious cake was the last.
--Lena Korolyuk

Granny--why do you have such
--Magda Malyukova

Wake up. Take your sleeping pills.
--Masha Kazantseva.

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