Saturday, February 25, 2017

Two space cargo ships arrive at the International Space Station


To follow up our Christmas Dinner at the ISS article and the story of the "hidden figure" Katherine Johnson, here's an up-to-date story on these past two busy days at the Space Station.

The full article is here. We'll discuss the article next week in group 401, and somewhat later in group 501 (evening).

Here are some useful words and phrases we'll discuss in class:

it's not quite ...
Amazon Prime
to abort (technology)
to pay off (intransitive)
to scuttle
to snag
to check in on
hot on smb/smth’s tail
count (noun)
to staff (vs to man)
to boast (transitive)
does not / doesn’t / do not / don’t come cheap
on the rise
makes it / doesn’t make it
to pay off
capture (noun)
to leap into action

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