Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Enemy of the People": a history of the term


The full article and video are here.

  1. Among the topics we might discuss:
  2. Subjectivity/objectivity: Can you detect what political or national point of view predominates in this article? What clues can you point to?
  3. What ideas in the article seem to you to be useful analytical tools? Which ideas or generalizations seem unhelpful?
  4. What argument is the author making? Do you agree?
  5. If you had to boil the article down to three or four points, what would they be?

Useful words and phrases:

to call out; called out
to castigate
-speak (as a functional suffix)
to boot
political class
didn't do oneself any favors
to pop up
to run smb out of town
to bash
brush with infamy (brush with ...)
Victorian morality
to weave ... into
to deploy
to leave in the lurch
to stigmatize (-ise)
to ostracize (-ise)
to brand
dictate (noun)
old dog, new tricks

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