Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Newspaper class: Google and Mosfilm launch online readings of The Master and Margarita

The full article is here on the RBTH site.

Teachers all over the world complain that students don't read books anymore. Do you think the Mosfilm-Google collaboration has a chance of attracting the attention of students who might otherwise never get acquainted with this classic?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whether or not you finish reading and summarizing this article long before we meet again next week, remember that the reading will be streamed THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, November 11 and 12.

When we discuss this article in class, we will ask you to talk about...
  1. the article as a whole -- please summarize it in two or three sentences;
  2. the structure and subunits of the article -- what are the important subtopics;
  3. the occasion of the article -- why Google, Mosfilm, and audiences might be interested in Bulgakov at this time;
  4. the effectiveness of the article -- and how you assess it.
Here are some useful words and phrases. Which are unfamiliar?

audition (noun and verb)
of its kind
brush the dust off
green screen

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