Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Groups 201-204 homework: use these words and phrases in complete sentences

... in the sense we talked about in our listening comprehension class this week. Please bring your homework to class next week.

Choose at least FIFTEEN of these nineteen words and phrases:

(from exercise 1)
making a difference
get involved
head start
better opportunities
active [in the community]
in progress
arts and crafts

(from exercise 2)
think twice
dropping litter (littering)
get rid of
bin bags (Am.: trash bags)
brilliant (Am: outstanding)

(from exercise 3)
to eat well
keys to success
get this wrong (get this right)
do better
to go out to eat (to eat out)
the sort of

Remember to have fun! Can you write a story using these words and phrases? A poem or song?


What is a "complete sentence"? See this helpful page from the University of Ottawa.

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