Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Groups 201-204 Homework: Another chance for YOU to create homework

. . . by writing a letter that someone else might answer as a ЕГЭ exercise.

You've done this before, but this time you are writing as yourself, not as a fictional "pen friend." Describe an experience or situation in your own life here in your own country and city, and ask your reader three questions about the equivalent in his or her life and country. Remember to do your own work; if you want to quote another writer--for example, a few lines from a news story--mark the quotation clearly and name the author and source.

In the second section of the homework, mention some recent interesting event in your life or city. According to the ЕГЭ exercise format, your correspondent is supposed to ask you three questions about your news, but you don't have to worry about that. Just supply the news.

Please bring this assignment to class (or send it in electronically) by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Use this format:

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