Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Groups 201-204: "You just received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend..." WHO?

Please print out (or simply follow the format on paper or in e-mail or message)....

You know the pattern already. Now you can play the role of Olga Afanasyeva and her colleagues: write the same kind of original letter "from your English-speaking pen friend" that you would normally get as the homework assignment. You are "Tom" or "Jack" or "Julie."
  1. YOU decide "who" the letter is from.
  2. YOU decide what questions he or she is asking.
  3. YOU decide the big news for the reader to ask questions about.
The best examples will be used as future homework assigments!

Note that you don't have to answer this letter right now ... the assignment is to write the original "letter from your English-speaking pen-friend."

Please give me your "letter from your English-speaking pen friend" by Wednesday or Thursday, December 25 or 26.

Any questions? Send me a note.

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