Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Groups 201-204 Homework: You're the expert.

(Originally posted on November 26.)

Write an essay on a topic of your choice.

First, think about a hobby or interest of yours, or about a news story or public concern that you know about. (Ideas: the ideal vacation; fate and freedom; music; file-sharing; cost of education; alcohol and addiction; starting your own business; global warming; finding a soulmate; online friendships; are libraries obsolete?; preserving historic buildings.)

Write an opening paragraph, perhaps with a phrase from this list:
  • What would you do if you only had _____? According to ______, the most important ______ is _______.
  • The increasing number [or amount] of ______ has become an urgent problem.
  • Many of my friends think that ______. I agree with them, and here's why. OR However, I believe they are wrong.
  • Ever since the ______ incident, journalists and politicians have argued for more ______.
  • One day I was on my way to _______, when suddenly ________. I realized that ________ and decided to do something about it.
In your second section, express and explain your point of view.

In your third section, express and explain the "other side's" point of view, or explain the weaknesses of your own point of view.

Finally, draw a conclusion or make a recommendation to the reader.

Use these phrases if they are helpful.

You have one more week for this assignment. This week (December 4 or 5), tell me what your topic is, and next week (December 11 or 12), please bring your finished essay of 200-250 words to class.

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