Monday, November 18, 2013

What will you do after graduation? (Groups 201-204 in-class writing assignment)

Source: Ramallah Friends Schools

Most of you will do this task on Wednesday or Thursday during class (in twenty minutes). But in case you are absent this week, or come to class late, here is the task:

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Steve who writes:

… I can't believe we are finishing school this year! What are your plans after you have finished school? What career interests you? What do most students in Russia do after finishing school? Here in Britain, some students take a gap year before continuing their studies or starting a job. 

I have decided to spend a year volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal....

Write a letter to Steve. In your letter, answer his questions and ask him three questions about his gap year. Write 100-140 words. Remember the rules of letter-writing.

Exercise adapted from Olga Afanasyeva, Virginia Evans, Victoria Kopylova, Practice Exam Papers for the Russian State Exam, 2010 Revised Edition, Moscow: Express Publishing/Prosveshchenie Publishers.

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