Sunday, March 5, 2017

Girls' Life and Boys Life--a fair comparison?


You can read the full story (with link to the Facebook post that started the debate) here. You can download our classroom version here (PDF format). is an online service which many people use to check whether an urban legend, scandalous news story, or viral e-mail campaign is true, partly true, or false. You can read more about their philosophy and methods on their glossary and frequently asked questions pages. Group 401 will digest this article on March 7, and 401V and 501 at a later date.

Useful words and phrases in the article:

more to the story
to feature
disparity, disparate
to treat
side by side
to go viral
purported, to purport to
to convey
sample size
at the expense of
tacit, tacitly
body acceptance
to be tucked (plus preposition)
to dig deeper
to unearth
to boost
general interest (adj.)
trade magazine
to further
despite appearances
to navigate
to shame
gender binary

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