Friday, May 30, 2014

Group 301-401 (Evening): May test

If you were not able to be in class for the May test, here is the online version.

There are advantages in taking the test in the classroom--for example, if students did not understand something, I was able to answer questions within reason. Here you will not have the same help. On the other hand, you have fewer limits on time. I hope the different circumstances compensate for each other. In any case, please be honorable and take the test as if you were being watched by me and the other students!)) Time limit: 90 minutes.

First, here are the four audio clips for the four sections of the test. After the audio clips you will find the test itself. (Please contact me if you have trouble with any of the clips; I can give you access to the audio some other way.)

Listen to each clip TWICE. Of course you should feel free to take notes while listening.

1. Every Little Step.

2. Reality Is Broken

3. Speaking Proper

4. The Brain in Love

Please finish this test by Monday evening, June 2. We will discuss our answers when we meet for class on June 3. (UPDATE: This is a new time. We will meet on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. See schedule on bulletin board.)

Here is the test form. Be sure to push the "continue" button after part 3, and push the "submit" button when you have finished. Thank you!