Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Groups 201-204 Homework: Ultra-short story

This week, we will look at some of these ultra-short stories originally published on Wired magazine's Web site. (Not all of the stories on the site will be used in class.)

Your homework: write a six-word story. I mean a real story, not just six random words! Bring your ultra-short story to class next week.

During the rest of this year, you may write one more ultra-short story instead of any one homework assignment of your choice. For example, if I give you another essay assignment, you can write an ultra-short six-word story instead ... but just once! (Of course, you can also write an analysis of that week's song.)

For inspiration, here are some of the stories written by my students back in 2009:

Institute group 302 came up collectively with this story:
Fingers--why twelve? Bring the knife.

Not to be outdone, group 201 in the School provided a whole set of stories. Here they are, with permission:
Oh, stop shooting. Bring the axe.


Jack, catch the axe. Got it?

--Masha Kazantseva

Night. Forest. Three men digging a

--Magda Malyukova

This delicious cake was the last.

--Lena Korolyuk

Granny--why do you have such

--Magda Malyukova

Wake up. Take your sleeping pills.

--Masha Kazantseva.

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