Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kim Wilson (and Little Walter), "Just a Feeling"

Kim Wilson
Little Walter

This song was originally recorded by Little Walter at the legendary Chess studio in Chicago. Here's his version:

It can be found on this album, which I love!--The Essential Little Walter.

The version I used in class was by Kim Wilson. He's playing as part of Mark Hummel's Blues Harp Meltdown, Vol. 1.

Here's Kim Wilson's version:

Before we go to the words, here is one of the few videos that exist showing Little Walter playing harmonica, accompanying Hound Dog Taylor in 1967:

You can also see Little Walter's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here, with James Cotton--another legendary musician--playing the harp, and Ben Harper subbing for Little Walter's vocals.

The words to "Just a Feeling" are by Little Walter (Marion Walter Jacobs), but I've modified them to follow Kim Wilson's performance:

Just a feelin', a feelin' I had on my mind
Just a feeling, a feelin' I had on my mind
You know, I lay down dreaming,
I woke up this morning screamin' and cryin'

Just a dream, a dream I dreamed last night
Just a dream, a dream I dreamed last night
I do everything to try to please you,
But still I ain't doin' [it] right

Just another pain, really [it] hurts so bad
Just another pain, really it hurts so bad
You know it's the worst old feeling*
A man most ever had

Black night is fallin',
you know the pain is comin' down again
Deep black night is fallin',
the pain is comin' down again
You know I feel so worried,
Junior, I ain't got no friend

*Originally: Got the funniest feelin'

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