Monday, October 21, 2013

Group 301V-401V: Hugh Laurie is "Inside the Actors Studio"

Now you can watch the sections I skipped over in class.

Here are the questions I asked:
  1. What did Lipton mean, "We are proud to welcome an entire cast of characters"?
  2. How did Laurie contrast American and British audiences?
  3. Who is W.G.R.M. Laurie?
  4. What was Laurie's mother Patricia's attitude to pleasure?
  5. What was Patricia's attitude, at least some of the time, to her son Hugh?
  6. Was Hugh a horrible child? In what ways?
  7. Did television and the theatre play a big role in Laurie's childhood?
  8. Laurie described a moment of pride in his parents' relationship with him. Do you remember the incident?
  9. What type of school is Eton? Why is its classification a puzzle for American audiences?
  10. What language is spoken at Eaton? What is "capping a beak"? A "wet Bob"?
  11. Laurie grew up in Oxford; why did he go to university in Cambridge?
  12. What incident caused Hugh Laurie to turn his attention to athletics (rowing) to drama?
  13. Why is there a vagueness in the discussion about Emma Thompson?
[skip from 13:22 to 21:19]
  1. How did a demolition derby reveal Hugh's psychological state? What was his diagnosis? How did he find help?
  2. What was Laurie's attitude to fun?
  3. In the context of American television tradition, why was Laurie surprised by House's role in the new TV drama?
  4. How did Laurie acquire his American accent? What is "just a fact" according to Laurie?
  5. Why is the character of Dr. House upsetting?
NEXT CLASS: We'll finally talk about the "problem" cases in Arakin, exercise 6 on page 128, and we'll try to think of some additional cases.

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