Friday, February 24, 2012

"Joliet Bound" and "What Good Can Drinkin' Do?"

This week I used two songs. I started out with Janis Joplin's "What Good Can Drinkin' Do?", as performed by Carolyn Wonderland--but it turned out that the words were harder to distinguish in the classroom than I'd thought. That's why I switched to Rory Block's interpretation of the classic "Joliet Bound."

So: Here's a video of "Joliet Bound" and the audio track and lyrics, followed by "What Good Can Drinkin' Do?"--video and audio track and lyrics.

"Joliet Bound"--I couldn't find a video of Rory Block (although many video clips of her performing other songs are available on YouTube). However, these guys are pretty good!

Audio: Rory Block's version...

Прослушать Rory Block Joliet Bound бесплатно на Простоплеер

Joliet Bound, Kansas Joe McCoy and Lizzie Douglas (Memphis Minnie)
This song has been recorded by many artists; these words are transcribed from Rory Block's version on Gone Woman Blues: Country Blues Collection.

Police comin’ with a ball and chain (2x)
Accusing me of murder, [I] never harmed no man

Well some got six months, some got one solid year (2x)
Now me and my buddy got a lifetime here

Well, lawyer pleaded, clerk he wrote it down (2x)
If I pass your sentence, must be Joliet bound

Well you can cook my supper, let me go to bed (2x)
I’ve been drinking white lightning, [it] has gone to my head

You gon' [are going to] quit me baby, it's the first thing you wanna do (2x)
Someday you gon' want me, hey but I won’t want you

Well, police shoot the gun, pain all in my side (2x)
"If you run from me, must be bound to die"

When they had my trial, you could not be found (2x)
Now I done got all messed up, and I’m Joliet bound

Here, Carolyn Wonderland is appearing at the legendary Antone's in Austin, Texas.

Audio: Carolyn Wonderland's version from her album Peace Meal:

Прослушать What Good Can Drinkin' Do? бесплатно на Простоплеер

What Good Can Drinkin’ Do? Janis Joplin
(transcribed from Carolyn Wonderland's track)

What good can drinkin' do, what good can drinkin' do
Oh, when I drink all night and the next day I still feel blue.

There's a glass on the table, they say it's gonna ease my pain (2x)
Oh, but I drink down the bottle, and the next day I still feel the same.

So I say, bring me whiskey, bring me bourbon, bring me gin. (2x)
I don't worry about the flavor, as long as it changes the shape I'm in. (Yeah, straighten it out!)

I start drinking Friday, I start drinking Friday night. (2x)
But then I woke up on Sunday, ain't nothin' here that'll feel all right. (No, not a thing in sight.)

I said, bring me whiskey, bourbon, bring me gin. (2x)
I say, I don't worry about the flavor, well, it changes the shape I'm in, that I'm in, I'm in, I'm in...

[My man he left me, child, he left me here.
Yeah, my good man left me, went away and left me here.
Lord, I'm feelin' lowdown, just give me another glass of beer.]

What good can drinkin' do, what good can drinkin' do ?
Well, I drink all night but the next day I still feel blue!

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