Thursday, October 13, 2011

Audio Comprehension: "Art & Business"

This week's British English audio text comes from the British Council.

"Art and Business"

Here are the questions I gave out during the class:
  1. According to the interviewer, «Art & Business is an organisation that develops ___________ ____________ between business and the arts.»
  2. Peter Jones believes that productivity now depends on what factor(s)?
  3. What can books do for us, according to Peter Jones?
  4. Jones mentions a recent survey of businesspeople. When asked which books inspired them and had a positive influence on their career, what proportion of the surveyed people cited business books? (30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70%?)
  5. What critical skills (name two or three from the interview) do readers combine?
  6. The left side of the brain, according to Jones, analyzes the plot. What is interesting to the right side of the brain?
  7. Reading groups at Marks and Spencer have apparently improved working relationships in the company. Based on what Jones said, why might this have happened?

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