Tuesday, March 1, 2011

200 groups: Letter to Erik

Please complete this assignment on a separate piece of paper that you can give to the teacher.

You have received the following letter from your English-speaking pen friend Erik:

I love to keep up with the news, especially the international news and the latest information about my favorite sports teams. I usually get my news from Internet sites. My parents never look at the Internet; they only get their news from television. And my cousin doesn’t care about news at all—except for celebrities. What about you—how do you find out what is going on? What is your favorite site or channel for news? Do you follow any sports teams or celebrities?

My father’s birthday is next week, and I’m having a hard time deciding what to give him as a gift.

Reply to Erik in 140 words or less, using the rules of letter writing. Answer his questions, and ask him three questions about his father’s birthday or about choosing gifts.

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